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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare charity whose dream is for animals to live safe, comfortable, happy, respected lives; we believe that this goal cannot be met without rescue organizations implementing strong protection policies and R+ training, handling, behavior modification, and emotional rehabilitation programs.
While we specialize in sighthounds, and in the behavioral and emotional rehabilitation and training of fearful, feral, and traumatized dogs using applied behavior analysis and modification, we also seek to help other animals and other rescue organizations when possible.
Our Mission:
Save, protect, and elevate the lives of sighthounds and other animals via rescue, R+ training, behavior modification, & emotional rehabilitation, public education and assistance programs, and safe haven for abandoned, abused, traumatized, fearful, and neglected sighthounds, and other dogs as funds and space allow. Provide public awareness and education campaigns designed to prevent abuse and ensure care, safety, and prevention of neglect and harm. Offer public outreach and assistance to encourage and help create better conditions for companion animals. When appropriate, provide careful placement with free training assistance and lifelong affiliation & failsafe, to ensure each homed dog's continued safety and well-being. Be available to assist and encourage, to the extent they have interest, other rescue organizations, shelters, and animal welfare and behavior professionals to work together to ensure the ever-improving care and safety of rescued, rehabilitated, and/or rehomed animals throughout their natural lives. As animal professionals, not only can we do better to protect them, it is our duty to do so, from the very moment we have the capability.

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The decision to take in a needy sighthound is a promise to protect and elevate the life of a dog who might never before have known a gentle touch, a calm voice, or the loving words of a person who considers that hound family. When you add a needy sighthound to your family, you discover a wonderful new world of joy and gratitude not found in any other experience. You also learn just what makes a sighthound so special!  Whether it be the horselike gallop of the borzoi, the graceful stance of the galgo, the mystery of the saluki, or the captivating ‘podenco bounce,’ the brilliance of these and the other sighthound breeds will leave you awestruck, and their purity of soul will stir your heart. Read More


Even if you can't adopt at the moment, you can still sponsor a sighthound. The opportunities are many because there are so many in need. We have many types of sponsorship available.  Click here to read about them, or email us.


We depend on donations to sustain the work of rescuing, rehabilitating, protecting, and elevating the lives of needy sighthounds and others. Whether through homing, providing long-term safe haven, or helping members of the local and national community protect and elevate the lives of their dogs—which, by the way, elevates human lives as well—everything we do is designed to improve conditions for dogs and other animals, not just now, but long into the future. Financial support from individuals, businesses, and even other charities, is gratefully accepted; the more support you can provide, the more dogs and their humans we, together, can help, and sooner. We receive no government funding; all of our support comes from people like you, and the occasional, small private grant.

Donations large or small may be sent via the Send Money to Friends and Family/Gift option of PayPal (Email to, or via mail to Hound Sanctuary, Box 670, Warrenton, Oregon 97146, USA.

You can also include Sighthound Sanctuary & Animal Services in your will.  Leave a Legacy of Love:

Memorialize the life of kindness you or your loved one has lived by including Sighthound Sanctuary in your will, knowing that one of the strongest advocates for the lifelong protection and elevation of sighthounds and other animals will ensure that your dream carries on.

Please discuss the details of your instructions with your attorney.  An example of wording is provided here, but we are not legal professionals so it is wise to confirm with your own legal advisor:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to Sighthound Sanctuary & Animal Services, Box 670, Warrenton, Oregon, 97146, a nonprofit corporation with federal tax identification number 46-4410687, the sum of $ ________________ , (or describe the real or personal property portion of the estate being given) to be used for its general purposes.”

In the blank, you may state a specific dollar amount, or you may stipulate a specific estate property, a specific percentage of your estate, or a specific percentage of your residuary estate.

You may also wish to consider making Hound Sanctuary your Amazon Smile beneficiary as well as your eBay Giving beneficiary and PayPal Giving Fund beneficiary.  You can also support us with the purchase of Hero: A Podenco’s Tale, a full color children’s picture book that tells the story of Spanish hunting hounds through a podenco character named Hero. Learn More

Finally, we need Ikea KNOPPARP Sofas (for the dogs, of course!), and heavy duty vinyl couches (again, for the dogs!). We also have a small wish list at  The dogs go through a lot of Stewart's Pro Training Treats (duck and turkey) and ZiwiPeaks Venison kibble, used as training treats (it is too expensive to feed for meals but is good for training).



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Help save, care for, protect, and elevate the lives of hounds by becoming a Hound Sanctuary "Pawholder": By subscribing to donate as little as $4 each month, you can elect to be a 4 paw, 8 paw, 20 paw, or 50 paw per month Pawholder. Hound Sanctuary Pawholders receive a special thank you at the end of each year that they are with us. More importantly, though, they get the knowledge that they are helping needy, deserving hounds every single month. To become a Pawholder, select from the several Pawholder Options to the right.  The hounds will be ever grateful.  And remember, donations are tax-deductible!

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